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Foods and Drinks to Avoid

PRE-CLEANSING "3-5 days before challenge begin"
I highly recommend start reducing your intake of sugars,  sodium, caffeine and alcohol three to five days before the start of the challenge. Even if we have been a fairly clean eater recently, the more processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar we have consumed over the years, the more inflammation our body experiences due to an accumulation of mucus and fat in the body. Diving into the challenge without a solid pre-cleanse period can make our detoxification symptoms more difficult.

A pre-cleanse on the elimination diet allows us to slowly reduce major food sensitivities and transition off of coffee, sugar, and alcohol before the beginning of challenge for best results. 

Things to Avoid

Caffeine, processed sugars, processed food, fruits high in sugar (only consume the fruits on the meal plan and only during the third week), alcohol, sodium, breads and meat high in fat (only consume meat the second and third week (only meats listed on the meal plan). 

Avoid stress and stressful people.

Let your friend and family know about your challenge so they can give you additional support.