Tiffany Caddell reviewed Passion 4 Fitness — 5 star

My exercise partner and I really enjoyed the Club Box class. I have been boxing for 1 hour everyday Mon-Fri for the last 3 plus years and I must say that my arms has never been as sore as they were when I went to the Club Box class and I loved every minute of it. I love a class that challenges me to be better and Club Box did just that and I will be going back.

5 star

​​Client Testimonies

Bobbeth Beezer reviewed Passion 4 Fitness  5 star

Passion Fitness is one of the best fitness classes I've ever been to! The workouts are hardcore and Connie's energy is amazing! You have no choice but to push yourself. I live in Florida and I cannot wait to visit GA again, just so that I can get in her studio!

Passion 4 Fitness Studio

Brenda Epps reviewed Passion 4 Fitness  5 star

 I have never trained at Passion 4 Fitness but I have taught some Zumba classes there. I can tell you the atmosphere is pure love. The care she takes to make sure her students are serviced mentally, spiritually and physically is 100%. I have never met anyone more passionate about health, fitness and God. Keep pushing forward....God is pleased!

5 star